face the trials

I’m writing this piece in more than one part so I can sleep on how to continue it. And i quite like the idea of you all trying to guess what i’m going on about-interpreting poetry is half the fun!

Face the trials

It truly never was your fault

That you  became the way you are

God knows I miss you

The flame became a fading star

In the woods of a better past

I thought us free I thought us happy

But among those emerald trees

Even then we pulled to snap

Then it was at length of arm

Now the chasm is stretched for miles

I know that we can meet again

I beg you-turn to face the trials

A silent war

Two men wage a silent war;

A pointless petty game.

He doesn’t know and he ignores,

Their motives are the same.


One called peace-a final card

To cease the silent war,

And one-his soul too foul and hard,

The card he never saw.


Two men fight a quiet war;

The declaration lost

To time long held behind a door;

Where the men’s paths had first crossed.


One man hopes the road soon ends

And starts a path more free.

He hopes the wounds of war will mend,

That one man, is me.


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clear mind

Clear your troubled mind

Leave your thoughts behind

Your journey will be hard

But I’m here with you tonight


It wasn’t long ago that I was in your place

A lost soul wondering across an empty plain

Where no one smiles

Where no one knows

The hardships you have faced


Take me by the hand. Learn to fly before you walk.

With two feet on the ground-walk before you fly

You might never find a way

You might always hide away

From grasping what is yours to take


Clear your troubled mind

Leave your thoughts behind

Your journey will be hard

But I’m here with you tonight


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meditation (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

to something new

I’m staring at a face

Once I knew so well

Every angle, every imperfection

Every hidden scar.

Who knew where it would go?

Who wondered the path it took

Through darkness

To Sorrow?


I’m staring at a face

It’s not what I knew so well

Less harshly cut lines less clear

joy upon its brow.

How could such a change exist?

How could the path so tightly turn?

From sorrow

Now to hope?


I’m staring at a face

I haven’t known so well

For far too long since childhood

Many years are lost

Why has grim and ghastly gone?

Why so swiftly has contentment come?

From hopelessness

To something new.

He searches through the darkness.

He searches through the darkness,

Of the maze that is his mind,

For something not so heartless,

For the beauty left behind.

His search brings him to a man,

Who reaches out with smile and hand,

A man who claims that he can help,

That after all he is himself.

The man runs out from the night,

He and himself now found the light,

From darkness and from sadness,

He and himself escaped its madness.