…and the poems became lyrics

Today i found out that there is a possibility that i may be joining a newly formed band as the singer, and new bands mean no material. Which means now is the perfect time for me to start tweaking my poems into lyrics! This is pretty exciting for me, as music is a huge part of my life and i have not yet had the chance of performing with a band, let alone one that i may be able to write some of the material for. I would love to know if you guys think any of the poems i have on my blog would make good lyrics with a few adjustments, or maybe some of them already have a lyrical quality to them?

Thanks for reading and any comments would be really appreciated.

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A band well worth checking out-Euzen.

I always meant to occasionally post about music on this blog, but hadn’t really got round to it in the month and half i’ve had it running…other than the occasional music based poem. I thought it was time to bring in that topic that i promised from the very beginning. It is not my own music, but a band that deserves some recognition for their creativity and, in my opinion, musical genius. So i present to you all, Euzen.

Euzen is a band from beautiful denmark, playing equally beautiful songs. The genre they fall into? I can’t answer that as they are quite individual; They don’t fall easily into any style that I am familiar with (and i listen to a huge variety of music). They have played the castlefest festival in holland and  often the sort of festivals a band plays gives some insight into their style, but i don’t feel this is the case with Euzen. Although their music holds the same sort of magic as others who are regulars to castlefest, there is no harp or hurdy gurdy to be seen. So heres a link to one of their wonderful songs. The video is pretty good too…and i never care for music videos. This is Euzen-Judged by.

One of the things that I adore about this band are the lyrics, which are incredibly powerful. Here is my favourite verse of the song i linked to above.

“Stumble through the mist of mischief
Shake your fist to all that needs to be
Self-righteousness will learn to fly
Who are you to be, misjudged by”

At least in the way I interpret ‘Judged by’, it is a criticism of how we act towards those who are different and how quick we are to judge people we perhaps don’t even know.

“I am soon to be Judged by You, all, them
Judged by You, all, them
Judged by”

I hope some of you find the time to check out this incredible band-even if it isn’t something you would usually listen to.



Music lessons

Learning to express yourself

Through the medium of sound,

Crafted into strong emotions

Those great composers once had found

Songs of love and songs of hate

Are those that become renowned.

The wonder of that first graceful note

 A student learns to play,

A fuel that is more potent

Than the car’s petrol or the cattle’s hay,

No art of expression rivals it

And the feelings it portrays.

With time the screeches disappear

As hard work pays rewards,

Later more naïve notes come alive

When feeling finds itself step forwards,

To flood with joy from keys and strings

The fledgling musician becomes their lord.

English: Interior of a grand piano Intended to...

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W.B Yeats

I discovered today in my English class which poet we would be studying for our end of year exam and i’ve got to say, it’s infinitely better than what we were given last year (well-2 years for me, 1 for the rest of the class, but thats another story). We have been graced with the task of studying a great irish poet-W.B Yeats, who is perhaps best known for being awarded with the Nobel prize for literature in 1923. Here is a stanza of the first poem of his that we have studied in class. I would just like to emphasise that this is not my own work-it’s much to good for that.

The stolen child by W.B Yeats

“Where dips the rocky highland

Of sleuth Wood in the lake,

There lies a leafy island

Where flapping herons wake

The drowsy water rats;

There we’ve hid out faery vats,

Full of berries

And the reddest stolen cherries

Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery hand in hand,

For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.”


There are a further three stanzas, but isn’t that just fantastic poetry? such a vibrant scene is painted with those words and there is plenty of lovely irish-ness included just to add to the charm of the writing. I would recommend looking up the entire poem as it really only gets better, but hopefully you have got a brief glimpse into his work. So why have i posted somebody elses poetry on my blog? I never do that! After reading this and instantly loving the style, I decided that after i have read a little more of Yeat’s work, I will attempt to write something of my own in a similar style. If you like the work of W.B Yeats, then keep your eyes fixed on this blog, because hopefully in a few posts time there will be a poem in the style of his fabulous work! In the meantime you’ll just have to do with old poetry posts and anything that come between now and Yeat’s style post.

W.B. Yeats monument @ downtown Sligo

W.B. Yeats monument @ downtown Sligo (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment 🙂

post of criticising without any real direction

Before reading this, i warn you that it will have very little direction at all. It is instead going to be a random mix of thoughts and comments on recent personal events. I have a habit of forgetting things that could be potentially inspirational for my art, music and writing, so hopefully as well as being a (possibly) good read for you, it may even help me with later projects with a bit of luck.

First recent personal event. Whilst waiting outside of a class for the teacher to turn up, a younger student starts talking to me. One of her friends then asks her in complete amazement “Why are you talking to Him” as if i am some sort of strange creature that should be avoided at all cost, lest be doomed for an eternity. Shrugging off this passive insult, i walk into the class as the teacher arrives, but i catch one last ear of speech that gives the game away-“guess you were talking about haircuts and white make-up”. Stereotypes. It simply Amazes me it is so common that many people can be so close-minded as to group others just on appearance. In this example i guess i was labelled a goth. It is true that in appearance one could stereotype me as a goth (long hair, like wearing black, long coats and cool hats) but why should appearance automatically label a person’s personality? I personally love gothic culture and hence don’t mind being labelled a goth and although i certainly did not ‘choose’ to be part of it, i slowly gravitated towards it with personal taste in music, art, clothes and literature. But how does that relate to my underlying personality? bluntly put, it doesn’t. A person’s interests may influence their personality (or vice versa) but they certainly don’t dictate it. The point of all this? society seems to frown upon individuality and expression. If you don’t fit in you are ridiculed and stereotyped for your differences. I ask a simple question: why do we create negative groupings and stereotypes of people? I don’t have an answer. There is simply no reason, so we should not make petty stereotypes.

Viona Ielegems at Work at the Wave Gotik Treff...

Next event. I was in a pub celebrating a friend’s 18th birthday last week and there was a band playing covers of pink floyd and classic blues tracks. What i noticed about some of my fellow teenagers was that somehow, they couldn’t enjoy a good bit of prog rock and blues (what is there not to like?? :P) complaining about not being able to use the karaoke machine so they could listen to some ‘good’ music. The older guys in the pub were naturally loving the cover band. So i found my self thinking-what is it that makes a younger generation in general not like older music? In my eyes, good music is and always will be good music. Is there not still magic to be found in even gregorian chant music? I think there can only be one answer-there must be some stigma associated with not being trendy and liking the classics over the latest tunes. I understand that we all have different taste in music, but i don’t understand how so many seem to reject music based on age or being ‘out of fashion’. Lets all appreciate all music that is good, without regards to age or popularity!

Electric Guitar

And another semi-unlinked event, in which i criticise myself instead of others-its good to be balanced ;). When walking back home after the same party mentioned above, we heard a voice somewhere in the dark pleading for help and instead of finding out where the voice was coming from and seeing what was the problem, we walked on quicker, in fear of a person we couldn’t see but was there-and very possibly in need of our help. The question here is, why do we occasionally fear the needy? the same dilemna can be seen in the example of how the majority of us will walk past the homeless, avoiding eye contact and ignoring conversation as if the person never existed. It seems such a petty and weak thing to ignore the pleads of those who need help the most out of fear and greed-be it for money or safety.

Homeless man in Anchorage, Alaska

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And heres another from today. In my 6th form (for any non-uk readers, the last few years of school before university) common room a piece of student art work had ended up with huge gaping hole in it after someone threw a ball at it. A fellow student, despite it not being his work, got rather annoyed – and rightly so – at the damages. The majority of students however sadly couldn’t care less. Here, the question is-why do so few appreciate the hard creative work of others? I would like to add that the artwork in question did get full marks and took alot of time to finish (not my piece-mine are never that good ;)) So for the kindness of this particular student loaning her work to the school, she got it severely damaged by the lack of care of others. The opinion of one student for example, was “Who cares? it was rubbish anyway.” Even if it were a poor piece of work-which it really wasn’t, it certainly should not have that sort of attitude towards it. Everyone should appreciate the hard work of others.

I’ll leave it at that for today, but i quite enjoyed writing this post so i may do a similar thing in the future. As i said at the beginning, this sort of writing helps me find inspiration for more creative pieces later on, so you may be seeing some poems on the same topics sometime soon.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave comments. 🙂

I remember when

I remember when,

The world seemed simple, even good.

The innocent thoughts of youth,

Now crashed down by a brutal flood.

I remember when,

Success was a sticker in a school book,

The simple wishes of youth,

Now gone, the stickers overlooked.

I remember when,

Good was good and bad was bad,

The direct mind of youth,

Now hidden by a PC charade.

I remember when,

Money was not the only goal

The creative fun of youth,

Preferred toys to filling the pocket’s hole.

I remember when,

I woke up to find a painful truth,

The joyful years of youth,

replaced with adulthood’s heavy hoof.

The Liebster Blog Award

Today i came onto my blog to find that the fantastic blog Limited Literature  has awarded me very kindly with the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much, it has been yet another boost to my confidence and determination to make this a very special blog indeed.

The award was started to in order to be given to excellent bloggers, with fewer than 200 followers recognition for their efforts and promotion to a larger audience.

Like ‘Limited Literature, I also have a love of the German language (and all things to do with Germany) so to be given an award that originated in Germany is extra special.

There are some simple rules for the recipient of a Liebster Blog Award:

The rules:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you (for some great poetry and creative writing, check out Limited Literature)
3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed (see below)
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog

Now for five blogs of fewer than 200 followers that I would like to give the award to. I don’t yet follow many blogs, only choosing ones that i really enjoy reading, so I must say firstly that I am not certain that these blogs do in fact have few enough followers. Nevertheless they do deserve recognition for their great work.

1.Path of Resonance-this is the blog that inspired me to start my own and looks at a number of things including the blogger’s approach to life and musical posts, in particular about the darbuka drum.

2. Lance Schaubert-a wonderfully creative blog, but hard to describe as there is so much going on it it. everything from film reviews to cartography. certainly worth checking out.

3.Haiku 365-The title of this blog almost says it all, but there is a twist-a beautiful photo goes along with each haiku poem.

4.Good Geek Ranting-I’m pretty certain this one has over 200 followers, but its tricky picking from those i follow as i don’t have a long list to choose from. However, this blog certainly deserves recognition. I would describe this blog as ‘life as a story’ and seems to make even the normal day seem gripping.

5.Kjpgarcia-theres some really creative poetry on this blog so well worth checking out.

I would reccomend checking all these blogs out, despite me thinking half of them may not really fit into the ‘under 200 followers’ category.