one with all all with one

I find myself apologising for not posting regularly far too much, so sorry about apologising so much… It’s the last year of school and i’m awaiting my grade predictions that essentially govern what unis I apply to. For the course I wish to study, other than one uni, I’ll need an A in German-the only subject i’m still awaiting a prediction for. In short, i’m rather stressed out at the moment. Nevertheless I have written something for you all. I’ve walked away from rhyme and metre on my latest pieces so I hope that won’t put any of you off.

Words mean nothing in this moment

Yet they are all we have.

Let us dissolve into this moment;

Become one with all

As all becomes one.


The time has come

For time to disappear.

Its end is not absolute;


We revive,

We live,

We love.


Don’t begin and do not end;

The end of time a love will send.


As this moment comes to end,

Time fades.

It breaks

It bends.

One last time.

I wrote this in about 5 minutes, and I like it. Look to my previous post on what I was doing while writing this.

One last time

To tunnel to the sky

One last time

To break the wall of sighs

One last time

starts ticking by my eyes

One last time

Reaching for sublime

One last time

The soul becomes a shrine

One last time

For this to be our time.

the sounds of creativity.

Are you a creative person? Well let me recommend something to you. Alpha wave sound or music. Just sit comfortably, turn it on. Start writing, drawing, painting, observing, thinking, dreaming, singing, playing; whatever you do to create. Now feel your creativity flow. I’m writing this, and the poem in my next post, whilst listening to some (look on youtube). Even if you’re dubious, try it. Some work better for people than others, but look around until you find something that works.

The Pendant

You curve and turn like I have done

Yet you have stayed the same

Although now its you and me alone

Lingering memories remain

We stood smiling for the camera’s click

Three people with no fear

You hanged, as now, around my neck

With people gone and dear

You travelled far across the world

And were meant to catch the sea

Instead you grasped to memories

That hold so much for me.

fish hook 2

(couldn’t find a picture of one similar to mine…)