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The world has a lot of difficult things to tackle that require much thought.  Sometimes writing seems the only way to bring that maelstrom under control. Whether creatively or critically, analytically or ambivalently; to put a thought on a page has always been a kind of catharsis.

I’m Tim Van Gardingen, a 23 year old student who has been writing on and off since I was 17. At times I’ve been a poet. At other times I’ve been a travel writer. Sometimes I delved into philosophy. Now I write opinion articles and short stories. What never changes however is my desire to see the world differently.   I am an observer, be that of reality or reality created.

I study German and Chinese, so much of what I have to say will link back to the cultures and languages of these lands which I have grown to love.  I have a passion for languages in general, with varying degrees of proficiency in German, Mandarin Chinese,   Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese and Cantonese. I have a language blog, but it is rarely in use these days.

Much of my inspiration has come from my travels. I lived in China for two years: one in the far west and one in Beijing. In that time I have explored China and many of the surrounding countries quite deeply. I have changed beyond my expectations since the first time I left for Asia and I don’t expect my adventures to end any time soon.

If I’m not exploring the world through words, then I’m probably doing so with my camera. My travels gifted me the chance to learn about photography and now each picture brings more depth to my thinking and writing. It seems everything I do and wish to express here on my humble website is interlinked.

You can contact me via Twitter

List of former blogs

TVG in China – wordpress (2015-2016)

Lost for Words -language blog





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