A change of fate

All has changed since I first stood

Upon the ground that I now stand

And thought what if I’d understood;

My dreams fell through fingers like sand.

All hope was lost life goals had gone

To leave but memories of a dream;

The soul left body with pain alone,

Good thoughts lost to a raging stream.


Yet time came to reverse the pain

To bring the soul to body whole;

The daemons of misfortune slain

By hard passion to take control.

Although the horses pull away

From straining chains of charioteer,

They did not break; to my dismay

My Self combined to one, can cheer.


All has changed since I first stood

Upon the ground that I now stand,

The changes made for greatest good;

A fate my conscious can’t understand.

What we can’t know may pain the mind,

To flee from changes in our meaning

But heard my fate and grasped- I find

After years that I am  dreaming.


As my first post proper post for over a month I am glad to say that i think this is my favourite poem I have ever written. I have been spending the last few weeks working hard for exams that, as of yesterday, are now done and gone. This poem is a reflection of my current thoughts and how I have come a long long way since the beginning of this year-Academically, emotionally and although I am not religious-even spiritually. I said a few months ago that i planned to implement some of Yeats’ poetic techniques into one of my own poems and you may notice some here. I would never say that i am anywhere near the genius standard of Mr Yeats, but i can say that I have learnt alot from studying him and writing part of my English exam on his work.

Feel free to comment-I love both criticism, analysis and praise!

(one last note-I have also been awarded graciously a new award-and to the kind person who gifted this to me, i have not forgotten! I will follow this up in the near future!)


Would you pay me a pound for every grain of sa...

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W.B Yeats

I discovered today in my English class which poet we would be studying for our end of year exam and i’ve got to say, it’s infinitely better than what we were given last year (well-2 years for me, 1 for the rest of the class, but thats another story). We have been graced with the task of studying a great irish poet-W.B Yeats, who is perhaps best known for being awarded with the Nobel prize for literature in 1923. Here is a stanza of the first poem of his that we have studied in class. I would just like to emphasise that this is not my own work-it’s much to good for that.

The stolen child by W.B Yeats

“Where dips the rocky highland

Of sleuth Wood in the lake,

There lies a leafy island

Where flapping herons wake

The drowsy water rats;

There we’ve hid out faery vats,

Full of berries

And the reddest stolen cherries

Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery hand in hand,

For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.”


There are a further three stanzas, but isn’t that just fantastic poetry? such a vibrant scene is painted with those words and there is plenty of lovely irish-ness included just to add to the charm of the writing. I would recommend looking up the entire poem as it really only gets better, but hopefully you have got a brief glimpse into his work. So why have i posted somebody elses poetry on my blog? I never do that! After reading this and instantly loving the style, I decided that after i have read a little more of Yeat’s work, I will attempt to write something of my own in a similar style. If you like the work of W.B Yeats, then keep your eyes fixed on this blog, because hopefully in a few posts time there will be a poem in the style of his fabulous work! In the meantime you’ll just have to do with old poetry posts and anything that come between now and Yeat’s style post.

W.B. Yeats monument @ downtown Sligo

W.B. Yeats monument @ downtown Sligo (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)

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